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"Change is also being noticed and commented on by our customers. They support our effort. They will also continue to point out where we falter -- that's OK too. We need to hear about what matters to our customers and then demonstrate our desire and ability to exceed their expectations...AND WE CAN!"

Sue McCormick
Director, DWSD

Director's Report

The Director's Report - The Director's Compliance Report.
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Information Update Section

  News Release - Water Affordability Fair on August 2nd

  July 14, 2014: DWSD announces "Detroit Delivers" a new, FREE app for your smartphone that enables residents of the City of Detroit to report running water in or around abandoned buildings, with just a few clicks!
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  Editorial: Water shut-offs aimed at scofflaws, not needy

  June 23, 2014: DWSD responds to misinformation about water shut offs and suburban water rates

  State Revolving Fund Project Plan for Biosolids Dryer Facility, May 2014.

  State Revolving Fund Project Plan for Air Quality Control Improvements.

  June 27, 2014 WAVE on the Water Gala A fundraising event to help low-income Detroit families and seniors restore and retain access to safe water and sewer services.

  Overview of the Pension Changes for Active, Non-safety Employees under the City of Detroit's Plan of Adjustment.
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Detrot Water Assistance Program


Eligible Detroit residents could receive financial help in keeping their water service. The Detroit Residential Water Assistance Program (DRWAP) helps customers who are having trouble paying their water bill.

DRWAP is sponsored by the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department (DWSD). Funds are generated from voluntary contributions from Detroit retail customers.

Customers who qualify under DRWAP can receive up to $1,500 toward their water bill. However, all participants will be required to make some contribution toward their account. The objective of DRWAP is twofold: provide needed assistance while giving the customer advice on proper budgeting and an opportunity to pay their bill in a timely manner.

Qualified applicants must be at or below 200 percent of Federal Government Poverty Levels, live in a single-family dwelling, and be responsible for paying their water bill. Currently, the income of a family of four cannot exceed $47,700. Eligible customers can also qualify based on their participation in public assistance programs such as food stamps, disability or Supplemental Security Income. The total amount of the applicant’s bill cannot exceed $2,500.

In addition, customers need to be a Detroit resident and be in receipt of a shut off notice of their water service. The home also must have a new water meter (AMR Technology) installed.

All shut-off action will be suspended pending acceptance into the DRWAP program.

DRWAP will be administered by The Heat and Warmth Fund (THAW), which will screen for eligibility. THAW will forward the names of qualified applicants to DWSD, which will complete final payment arrangements.

Customers seeking assistance can call the THAW WATER HOTLINE at 877-646-2831.

Online Billpay

Read about DWSD's Online Account Services.
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    Trouble Paying Your Water Bill?

Having trouble paying your water bill?
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Detroit residents are required by state law to disconnect downspouts leading to the sanitary sewer system. This is a requirement of all Michigan cities. Water from downspouts connected to the sewer system can overload the sewer system and can pollute our rivers and cause basement flooding.

For more information on our downspout disconnection program, click here.

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Water Board of Commissioners' Calendar

All BOWC Meetings take place in the 5th Floor Board Room of the Water Board Building, 735 Randolph in Downtown Detroit. Click here for agendas and approved meeting minutes.

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